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Company Picnics

Kick your company picnic up a notch with our fully-loaded mobile video game truck, and take advantage of the technology trends bringing people together. Ready Set Gametime can pull up exciting next-generation activities in your preferred location, whether a park, campus, or your offices. We have fun-filled activities that will engage your team and their families. Our on-bus gaming equipment and outdoor entertainment ensure there’s something for everyone, enhancing teamwork, bonding, and the spirit of camaraderie, which is the bottom line of a company picnic.

Our game truck has excellent climate control, ensuring the weather outside doesn’t dictate on-bus activities. The primary focus is to ensure that you are comfortable and having the time of your life. We are equipped with 9 large flat-screen TV systems in the interior and a big-screen television for outdoor entertainment; there’s ample room for everyone to be entertained and have fun exploring our vast gaming catalog.

How to Incorporate Ready Set Gametime into Your Company Picnic

When you think about your past company picnics, what comes to mind is spending time with your co-workers and their families over great food and drinks. While this has worked for years, it limits the young and adults who love gaming from getting fully engaged. This can change by incorporating Ready Set Gametime, ensuring that everyone is taken care of from the youngest to the oldest.

Our game truck is equipped with the latest gaming consoles and outdoor entertainment features like karaoke, covering all the bases for fun and maximum engagement in your company picnic. We can provide you with a pocket-friendly estimate depending on the hours or extra hours, maximizing your company picnic experience. Contact us today and book Ready Set Gametime for your next company picnic.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties need to be memorable and fun, and that’s what you get when you let Ready Set Gametime throw a party.

Graduation Parties

Your graduation is special, and Ready Set Gametime can help you make it even more special by bringing a range of onsite activities to your campus or any other preferred location.

Holiday Parties

Are you looking for awesome holiday party ideas for your friends and family? Ready Set Gametime has the solution for you; mobile video games