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Group Events

Ready Set Gametime was started to enhance social bonding through exciting video gaming experiences. Whether you are planning on entertaining a small group of friends and family, or a group of classmates and co-workers, we’ve got you covered. While dealing with a small group is easy, as the audience size grows, so does the need for purposeful interaction. With years of providing exceptional mobile video game services, we believe in providing purpose to your events by creating excitement around shared experiences. Our experienced game coaches are ready to help you make your event run seamlessly and provide an unforgettable experience. Here are some group events that Ready Set Gametime can help you plan.

End Of Season

Suppose you are a member of a sports team. In that case, Ready Set Gametime offers a great opportunity to culminate a successful season with outdoor entertainment, video games, Nintendo Switch, the new XBox or PS4. Our highly-equipped gaming truck pull up at your house, park, or field, allowing you to enjoy the latest video games together in a conducive and controlled environment. We recommend Ready Set Gametime-powered games, a favorite option for families and small groups.

Team Building

The whole point of a team-building exercise is to create shared experiences for your staff, to help them appreciate each other’s differences, value diversity, and promote teamwork. If you are looking to achieve all three goals in your next team-building retreat, Ready Set Gametime has got you covered. We offer a range of gaming options perfect for groups.

The next time you have a holiday party, reunion, fundraising, graduation party, or a company picnic, give us a call, and we’ll do the rest.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties need to be memorable and fun, and that’s what you get when you let Ready Set Gametime throw a party.

Graduation Parties

Your graduation is special, and Ready Set Gametime can help you make it even more special by bringing a range of onsite activities to your campus or any other preferred location.

Holiday Parties

Are you looking for awesome holiday party ideas for your friends and family? Ready Set Gametime has the solution for you; mobile video games