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Are you looking for a unique way to bring excitement to your non-profit or school event? Ready Set Gametime provides top-notch mobile video game service in a well-equipped and professionally designed on-bus environment. Whether it’s your next school rewards program, graduation, PTO or PTA fundraiser, or a celebration, our expert team can customize a gaming program that suits your audience. When it comes to school programs, especially rewarding learners, a mobile video game truck is a perfect solution to motivate them to do even better next time.

It is proven that learners respond well to positive reinforcement, and the best way to acknowledge their achievements is by rewarding them with a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience. With mobile video game services, learners can remain in school, and the fun can come to them. We have a wide range of games from the retro era to the latest releases to ensure there’s something for everyone. Take this opportunity to bring fun and appreciation to learners with the best mobile video gaming, guaranteeing fun in a safe, controlled environment.

Why Ready Set Gametime?

Aside from food drives, festivals, and city fairs, the mobile game bus is perfect for non-profit events. Since our gaming truck is not limited to a specific location, we can pull up at your summer camp, kids club, or youth group for a fun-filled experience for all. When we pull up to your school, our truck can hold eighteen players at a time, and our professional game coaches can help with turn-taking to ensure everyone gets a piece of the action. Reach out to our professional staff, and book us for the next school or non-profit event.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties need to be memorable and fun, and that’s what you get when you let Ready Set Gametime throw a party.

Graduation Parties

Your graduation is special, and Ready Set Gametime can help you make it even more special by bringing a range of onsite activities to your campus or any other preferred location.

Holiday Parties

Are you looking for awesome holiday party ideas for your friends and family? Ready Set Gametime has the solution for you; mobile video games